They posted 2 articles every day and what happened in 8 weeks is inspiring

Have you ever tried to increase website traffic without paying for it?

Do you think organic growth is too slow for you?

Did you know you can reach all this by yourself in just several weeks?

Maybe you should try this technique by Tresnic Media

They decided to publish 50 articles in the period of 25 days and see what happens. But they didn’t just wait, they promoted the articles on social media to get the viral effect. And they succeeded.


Social Networking

Tresnic Media decided to post two articles per day. After the article had been published they shared it on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and saved it to Delicious and StumbleUpon. They also used LinkedIn groups asking audience questions to keep them active.

This is how they started what would later become a snowball effect. People started sharing the posts and commenting on them very soon.


Google Ranking And Viral Effect

As they were publishing posts at a high frequency and as their posts were getting more and more shares it helped them to rank better.

New blog posts started ranking much quicker.

After 5 weeks web traffic achieved 438% increase including organic search that was previously nearly non-existent.

The snowball effect has, luckily, become unstoppable and soon Tresnic Media reached a 1000% traffic increase.

Their 50th blog post reviewed all the results and had gone viral. It spread through various communities and it brought much traffic. Again it was a snowball effect  which eventually led to more conversions.

Apparently consistency and quality content can only lead to success. It is just a matter of time.

Read their case study here.


Top Reasons Blogging Increases Traffic

Still not convinced? Here are some statistics that will explain you the importance of blogging to increase website traffic. It is all about being active and consistent.

79% of online shoppers spend a minimum of 50% of their shopping time researching products they want to buy. Source: HubSpot

Once you write around 50 or more blog posts, blog traffic increases by up to 77%.  Source: TrafficGenerationCafe

Companies that blog receive up to 434% more indexed pages.  Source: HubSpot

57% of companies that are blogging have acquired a customer from their blog. Source: HubSpot

You can read the whole list by Carolyn Edgecomb on ImpactBND.


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