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It took him 9 months

We love case studies, those real proofs of how to build affiliate website from scratch. You can emerge yourself into the story, get tons of inspiration and start learning immediately. Don’t forget to read all the details from the comments section!

Entrapreneur is a Reddit user who started a review affiliate website in German. He started in January 2016 with a goal of earning $1k and he succeeded in just 9 month.

So, how did it go?

January 2016

in his first month Entrapreneur wrote 30K of words, spent €110 for setting up a website and spent 110h working.

What is really important is that he learned the importance of unique content and images.

He started using Pinterest instead of other social media, since he needed female visitors to show them all the nice images of his product.

February 2016 – 10 sessions/day

Spent around 100h working.

Most of the traffic comes from guest articles.

Entrapreneur spent 75% creating content and %25 on link building and guest posts.

May 2016 – 20 sessions/day

More guest articles and a first sale in March (€7,95) and then another one in April. Congratualtions! Started using VPS hosting due to shared hosting crash.

Making content (buying guides) and trying to connect to other authority websites.

June 2016 – 150 sessions/day

Laborious link building continues. He got many link exchange and guest article rejections which discouraged him a bit.

Wrote 28K words, earned €27!

August 2016 – 200 sessions/day

After some period of stagnation things finally got better. Entrapreneur started recieveing higher traffic and earned €222! Lot’s of success came from his epic 4000 words article. Things started to roll.

September 2016 – 500 sessions/day

After nine months of hard work, the efforts have payed out. Entrapreneur started earning €1K /month which was his intial goal. This moment even inspired him to start another affiliate site.

His advice? Work hard for the first 6-8 months and beware of so called gurus. Interesting.

December 2016 – 2,777 sessions/day

Pretty impressive numbers here:

September: 1750€

October: 2240€

November: 3460€

At that moment the website had 62 post and 8 pages.

Congratulations Entrapreneur!

What was your success story? Would you like to share it here?

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