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Beginner’s Guide To Internet Marketing – 1


How Does Internet Marketing Work?

Traditional marketing is reaching for its customers trough printed media (flyers, direct mail etc), while internet marketing makes sure customers find you through digital channels (websites and social media).

With traditional marketing, you can target your local customers and offer them a promotive hard copy. Since your customers will have a physical experience with direct mails there is a much higher chance they will remember you and buy something.

On the other side, this kind of marketing is expensive and there is no customer feedback, which is essential if you want to improve your business.

Internet marketing can reach a worldwide audience, which makes it cheaper and it is possible to receive user feedbacks immediately after you have started your campaign.

Internet Marketing uses different strategy than the traditional one. Instead of bombing your customers with calls, TV ads, billboards and direct mails trying to sell something you know have to adapt to your customer’s needs.

Using all digital channels like social media and your website you reach your customers with the same message – and that is that you are the best solution to their needs!


Why Do You Need Internet Marketing?

Traditional media is not able to make such strong connections to your customers. But, with digital media you can easily show them that you care about their opinion and your customer will appreciate it. With digital marketingyour content could go viral in seconds, something that is impossible with hard copies.

Traditional marketing is focused on sending promotional messages, while digital marketing can actually measure its responsiveness. Nowadays it is much easier to analyse your market before you even launch your campaign. Since it is easy to get user’s feedback you can focus on methods and ways of promoting that have proven most successful.

This way you save a lot of your resources, like time and money.

What do you get with Internet Marketing?

You get you own advertising platform,

selling platform,

sharing platform

effective customer service

building relationship platform.

If you are a small company and don’t have the resources to pay for a TV ad this is ideal for you. Even if you have money for TV ads you could still promote your business on some popular travel blog and receive much more targeted customers for much less money.

Using both traditional and digital marketing there is a great potential to raise your brand awareness. You start worldwide and expand local. In other words, you use your optimised website, team and content, all of which is virtual, or remote, to create authority and reputation until it gets recognised in local communities.


So how do you start?

First, you have to choose your niche and own a website. A place where you can show readers who you are, what you do and what can you offer. Most importantly you show them why you are the best solution to your visitor’s problem.

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