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Beginner’s Guide To Internet Marketing 5 – Social Media Marketing

What social media should you use for your niche?  Not every network is the same and requires different social media marketing approaches. Facebook is ideal for all niches, Twitter is great for short and concise communication, Instagram and Pinterest requires superior visual presentation while LinkedIn is good for B2B and software services.



There are two options on Facebook: a group or a page. While profiles are meant to be used by private users with a restriction in 5000 friends the best option would be to create a facebook page. This is where you can promote all your products, make giveaways, animate your fans and give them an effective customer service. You can use it in synergy with group where people gather for a cause. There you can let them lead the discussion and give them more detailed support.

What is the best feature facebook page has? Well, if you are still searching for that burger restaruant and want to find out where is it or why is it so famous you can find all that on their facebook page. You can even see what friends have visited it before and how did they rate it.

If you want to reach more customers and be faster to grow your followers you can also use facebook ads. It is very powerful beacuse you can choose you targeted group by age, location (country or even a city) and preffered interests.



Although not as popular as Facebook, Twitter should not be ignored in certain cases, especially if your target audience is middle-aged and tech inclined audience. Twitter works on the basis of short and concise posts called ‘tweets’limited to 140 characters.

Users can reply to ‘tweets’ and thus engage in a conversation, share (retweet) your publication with his followers (followers) or like it just as on Facebook.

Twitter is very useful in terms of keeping track of your image. You can keep track of where and when was your company mentioned so you can learn faster about your industry, market and customers, and professionals in the field.

If you are a newbie in business world, this is a social network for you.



With this social network you can show you creative flare. This is primarily a mobile social network that attracts more and more business users, especially since Instagram began offering advertising options.

picture is worth a thousand words, and Instagram proves it. You can tell a story about your brand through the photo from the beginning to the end. Take breathtaking travel photos or show how you prepared a delicious meal.

If customers complain that they are not sure you clean your restaurant regularly, put a photo of your valuable cleaning lady to reassure them.

This way you have an open communication, indirect advertising and reaching customers instead of pushing content and message.

You can also buy Instagram ads. They can target users by gender, age and location, interests and preferences, and other data. Just like Facebook ads.

Instagram social media marketing is ideal for travel, fashion, design, gastronomy, and other industries that attract customers

using visuals



LinkedIn is a business-oriented network and communication here is very professional. Its primary idea is networking and finding a job, but companies also use it for promotion.

This is the right place for your business to demonstrate professionalism  and quality. Won an award in the industry? Post it on LinkedIn! Looking for employees? Post it onLinkedIn!

Here you can search other people’s recommendations and assess the skills and talents that will further enrich your profile and give you credibility on LinkedIn community.

There are two types of profiles: private and company profile,

LinkedIn not only supports, but also prefers longer posts. This social network is the right place to publish your case study on the issue, articles about industry trends and the like.

Communication here is less real time, compared to Facebook or Twitter.

Make sure that your profile is full of quality content about your business.

In the long run, running social media marketing on LinkedIn can help you networking, and finding new clients.

Next Monetization.


What is your favourite social network? How do you grow followers? What is your favorite social media marketing strategy?

What do you think?

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