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Beginner’s Guide To Internet Marketing 3 – Content Marketing

What Is Content Marketing

Your website needs high-quality content to become an authority to your readers. Quality content gives credibility, and as a result increases conversion. This is where content marketing comes in.

Be aware that more than 60% of potential customers want to find information about the service or product they want to use. A customer wants to know why is this hotel better than the other one through your website, review websites and social media profiles. You don’t wait for the customer to hear your TV or radio ad. The customer finds you, instead.

This is why you need to have quality content marketing.

So, if the reader is well informed and entertained with your content he might come back again and tell his friends. He might share it on the social media and help you increase conversions.

This way you get a happy customer and somebody who does marketing for you.

If you compare a website to a car you are driving on your road to success, content marketing is a wheel that you have to steer. Creative using of the wheel is the key to success. It is quality vs quantity.

What kinds of content marketing can you do?



Some researches say you can receive 55% more visitors on your website and increase conversions if you run a blog.

For example, if you run a restaurant and have a blog explaining what sights are worthy visiting in your city or food tips&tricks your customer will start treating you like an authority in your field. They may feel a factor X which will help them to decide whether to buy or not from you.

Never forget to visually communicate with your visitors because their attention span is very short (around 15 seconds!). Use images, infographics or videos where you can compress a lot of information from the text.



Write an E-book if you have a successful case study or you just have a lot of content to offer. Be sure to place a “download” button somewhere visible and to promote it on your social media and other channels.

Make it a freebie, or promise it if the user signs a newsletter from you.



Your customers like to feel you take care of them. Every week sends them a newsletter with relevant news or promotive materials.

Send you newsletter regularly!

After you have set up a website and you have created some interesting content it is time to make sure your web is easy to find and use. Every website has to be optimised.

For example, the higher the web is ranked on Google Search the more visitors you get. If your website is placed on the second page of the search, you might get up to 90% fewer visitors.

This is called SEO – Search Engine Optimisation, and we will talk about this in the third part of…


What steps have you done so far? What is your story?


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