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Beginner’s Guide To Internet Marketing 4 – SEO

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the most important way to be sure your customers will find you on the Internet.

Your users will find you through keywords they type in a search box. You must be sure to use the same keywords in your content.

There are many tools where you can find the most popular keywords for your niche and content. You can try KeywordsSpy. Here you can find the search amount per month. This is a fundamental part you have to do.

Your idea is to rank high for a chosen keyword. After you get a decent google rank for certain keywords other web sources will want to link back to your website. That will make your position even stronger and bring you more traffic.

If you are using WordPress install Yoast plugin and follow plugin’s help tips to improve your SEO.


Google AdWords

It may take months for your SEO optimization to take effect, so if you want to make things faster you can use Google AdWords. In this case, you are paying Google to show your ad when a selected keyword is searched in Google’s search box.

So, if you search for a burger restaurant you will get a results list, but the first two or three results may be paid adverts! The fourth result will be a website with the best SEO for a selected keyword.

It is all about using the right keywords for your niche, or the other way around: choosing the right niche for the most popular keywords!

Once you have optimized a website it’s time to make regular communication with you customers, fans or potential fans.



This is where you use social media! The power of social media is endless. Lot’s of sharing, networking, choosing your targeted groups, a playfield for branding. This is where you can find your future customers, get feedback and find new ideas! A digital marketer’s dream.

Not only you communicate directly to you users, but you reach them at a much lower price!

Just as in real life where you like to be approached by a smiling salesman, so in virtual reality you prefer to find a resourceful social profile!

Next Social Media

What is you greatest SEO challenge? Have you made a high page rank?

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