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Beginner’s Guide To Internet Marketing 2 -Building A Website

Website Building Advice

Choose A Niche

If you already have a business and want to use online marketing, then you know what will your content be about. Maybe this is the time to modify your niche or to choose a specific field inside the niche that can be monetized.

If you are a newbie then you have to choose your niche to write about. Your best chances are if you choose a niche you are passionate about and that can be monetized. Both factors are essential. There are many different opinions on how to choose a right niche, but most experienced people say it is about passion since it will help you to go through hard times.


Choose A Domain

If possible, try to create a brand name. That means short, memorable names, if possible avoid hyphens and use .com.

Take some time to choose the right name, play with Wordoid where you can explore different word combinations. A great thing about Wordoid is that it can show whether your domain is available or not.

Since many names are already taken being creative is the key!


Choose A Web Platform

There are many options here. You can use free platforms like WordPress.com, Blogger, Tumblr, Medium, Ghost, Squarespace, Wix, but you have to be careful. If you break their terms of use you can be shut down at any time.

The best online marketing option would be to use a self-hosted website.

Second, choose a content management system (a software to manage your website). Obviously, the best and the most popular would be WordPress. According to Wikipedia 27.5% websites in the world use WordPress, which means more than 60 million websites.

Other popular CMS’s include Joomla, Drupal, SilverStripe CMS, CushyCMS, Frog CMS, or Osclass (classifieds CMS).


Choose A Hosting

Use HostAdvice and compare different hosting reviews. Then explore what hosting plans are available. If your website is small a shared plan and one domain would be enough. Be sure to use unlimited bandwidth and space because you don’t want any traffic jams on your website.

According to HosAdvice some of the best rated hostings are:


A2 Hosting,



and HostWinds.

One of the most famous and well documented is GoDaddy.

Most of these hostings will have an integrated WordPress installation.


Choose A Theme

You can find free themes anywhere on the internet, however, you should use a premium theme for a serious website.

Here are some marketplaces to browse:

ThemeForest is the biggest and most popular. A variety of designs and CMS platforms.

Others include MojoMarketplace or WooThemes.

Before you buy a theme decide what functions will your website have and don’t forget to ask the author presale questions.


Must Have Plugins

To make sure your WordPress blog is optimised be sure to use plugins.

Either its a SEO optimisation, security plugin, anti-spam or some other niche related functionality. Check the list Here.

Also, be sure to track your traffic. Install Google Analytics, create an account and place and insert the code into your script (or use the plugin for that).

This is how you will track your visitors in real time and make of use of some important analytics.


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What steps have you done already? What step do you think is most important or confusing?

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