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8 articles in 4 months earned him $4500 per month

Impressive success!

Ther is nothing more exciting than reading an internet marketing tutorial based on a successful real life case study.

Luqman Khan started building his website 10Beasts.com in April 2016 and in just 4 months he achieved his goal of earning $4500.

He chose a tech niche where he could make the Top 10 list reviews. The interesting fact is that in 4 months he published only 8 articles and 1 infographic!


Building A Website

Of course, Kahn decided to choose a niche he had a passion for. He also decided it would be an authority website, not exactly a specific niche site, where he would cover 10 product categories.

Khan analyzed the competition and chose High and Low competition keywords. Some of the keywords he ended up where Best Wireless Router 2016 and Best 3D Pen.

He decided to have no content on the homepage and no affiliate links or any kind of external links. It had only 2 latest posts and a big Optin Box. It was an experiment.

Some of the plugins he installed where:

Clicky by Yoast:  an analytics plugin that proved to be helpful while analyzing real-time traffic as compared to Google Analytics.

SEO by Yoast: a famous SEO helper.


Content And SEO

A very important technique Kahn used was the importance of interesting article introductions that should keep the visitors and table comparisons to keep them busy.

Khan wrote lengthy articles with more than 5k words, where he targeted long tail keywords.

The most important thing was a way product review was written. The product review always used a template with pros and cons, a link and a linked product image. Linked images proved to deliver higher conversions. Khan’s secret to building trust with his audience was that he always explained what is wrong with a specific product.

Kahn’s little SEO tricks were that he wrote lengthy posts, used keywords in the first 100 words, optimizing h2 titles, adding outbound links and interlinking articles.



For boosting traffic Kahn used AddmeFast.com social exchange network which drove traffic quickly to his website.

Other usual techniques included link building, forum and blog comments and even guestographics.

What started as a $16.5  revenue in April ended as a $4732.11 revenue in July. Not bad for 8 articles in 4 months.

Congratulations Luqman Khan!


Compact Internet Marketing Tutorial Steps Summary:

Building a Website

  • choose niche
  • choose a product category
  • find keywords and analyze competition
  • choose WordPress theme and choose a theme
  • Install plugins


write articles that include:

  • catchy introduction
  • comparison table
  • product review
  • product image
  • what is wrong with the product
  • pros and cons
  • buyer’s guide
  • link related articles


  • SEO urls
  • titles (h1, h2, h3..) using keywords
  • using multimedia
  • using keyword in the first 100 words
  • outbond links
  • internal linking
  • long content (5k words)

all of which inevitably resulted in boosted dwell time.


  • used com
  • web 2.0 submission
  • guestographics
  • forum and blog comments
  • scholarship program
  • blog aggregators

Have you used some of these techniques before? What is your experience?

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