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7 Reasons To Use Facebook Groups Together With Facebook Pages

Are you a creating your online presence and want to use your Facebook fan page, hoping your posts will go viral and earn you many followers? Think again.

Getting followers on Facebook nowadays will require a certain budget for the ads. After some time you will accumulate the fans and bomb them with you posts and promotions monologue. But what if your fans could contribute to the content you so badly need?

This is where you combine your Facebook page with your Facebook support group to get the best for your business.

Let us look for the reasons you should definitely have Facebook groups:

1) User Generated Content

As you start your business alone and as it grows there will come a point where you won’t be able to handle it all by yourself. Just as you can find a business partner to help so you can have a group where people generate content for you. You need user generated content to start the snowball rolling! This leads us to number 2.

2) High Interaction and Engagement

Your fans will be asking questions, bringing themes and content –  you are expected to support them and animate them with your questions. Once the number of followers is high the group will thrive even if you are not present at all times.

3) It’s Fun for the Fans

It gives your business a reputation that you are doing it for the fans. Fans have a freedom to express themselves because they put their posts, photos and videos that every member can see.

4) Reach all Your Members

Everyone who is a member of the group will reach every post that you had posted there. You can use live instant messaging conversations with the entire group. Also, You can post to the whole group by email from your Facebook email account.

5) Keep Your Fans Informed

As everyone can reach everyone the fans feel much better informed and safe talking directly to you or checking the information with other members.

6) Encouragement and Advice

Your fans will need some advice on how to use your product or to should they use it at all. That’s a great reason to invite them into a group and to grow your audience.

7) Validate Your Business

Your fans want confirmation. They did not enter the group to get a product or a service pitch. You should promote your products on your Facebook page They are here to get your product validation and to engage the community. If they see a thriving community with a positive feedback they are more likely to buy from you.


Tell us about your Facebook groups. Have you ever had a Facebook group and how did you grow it?


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