6 Steps To Successfully Start Your Email Marketing Campaign

What if you had to find the easiest and the most effective among all internet marketing tactics? Would you choose classical email marketing?

According to this data you should:

1) Get Subscribers

The most difficult part – it deserves a separate tutorial. Place your newsletter ad somewhere where visible, at the top of the sidebar, integrate it into a header and place it into a header and footer menus. Offer something in return, a free book or a discount.

2) Get Your Email Opened

Write a catchy subject line. Be sure to deliver what you promised in your subject line because you are not BuzzFeed or Viral Nova. Still, you can learn from them. Start your subject line with a number (most effective) or with proven phrases like “this is the”, “will make you”, “when you see”, “til you see” or “what happens when”. Create an urgent and curious atmosphere.

Also, you can try this formula too: Benefit to customer + Time Period Where He’ll Get The Benefit + Overcome His Obstacles/Objections

3) Deliver What You Promised

Write a striking first paragraph as it is sometimes previewed in an email inbox. Stay positive and make your customer curious. Make short sentences up to 25 words and be sure to use paragraphs often.

4) Stay Consistent

Send your newsletter regularly even if you have no news to share so that you build a relationship. That way next time you want to sell something users will remember you.

5) Target your users

Make segmented lists for different types of users and different newsletter themes. Fro example you can have a newsletter customer list and product updates list (in comparison to a newsletter customer list)

6) Track your campaign

Find an email marketing tool you will like. Choose among MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, Autopilot, Zoho Campaigns, mailspice, Constant Contact, FireDrum Email Marketing and others. Capterra has an exhaustive list of the top email marketing tools.

Have you used email marketing before? What are your results?

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