4 Basic User Experience Elements You Have To Do Right To Have A Successfull Website

Just Do It

1) Mobile Experience

Having a responsive website is something you just have to do if you want a great user experience. Luckily most of the website themes you want to buy at online markets like Themeforest or Mojo are responsive. Personally, if the website is not responsive there is a 90% chance I would leave it immediately, unless I really need the information. Check all the details you want your responsive version to have. If possible, check where do you get the most of you conversions – desktop or mobile version?

Are the results part of your strategy?

2) Usability

Does your website do what it promises?

Is you design clear enough or not outdated?

Do you respect the basics of visual design?

Do you cut you website into simple modules like header, content, sidebar, footer?

Does your sidebar look messy and cluttered?

Does your buy button always appear in the header menu, header and footer menu?

How do you make money on your website?

If you sell a product.or a service how many pages does a user have to click to finally buy it?

Is your mobile header with your “buy” button always fixed?

You dont want a slow website, so keep the images small: 50 – 500 kb. Dead links?

So many details.

In one sentence it’s: effectivenes + efficiency + statisfaction

3) Branding

This is how you convey your message. Do you really influence your visitors?

Do you really influence your visitors?

Is you design consistent both through desktop and mobile versions?

Do you always use the same main colors?

Is your message concise enough?

Is your message concise enough?

If the whole world wide web exploded into 1000 pieces would you be able to be able to assebmle your website back again recognizing all the little pieces by it’s unique touch?

4) Content

Everybody knows how important content is.

Make sure it is SEO optimized so that users can easily find it.

Make sure it is useful and it makes your customers engaging.

Don’t overload it with information. Be concise, short and straight to the point.

If the content can’t be short make sure to split it into paragraphs and images between different parts.

Make sure to use images in your posts and pages, since images increase the number of visits significantly.

Prepare your photos in Photoshop to fit the style with your website.


What steps have you done already to increase your website user experience? What is your experience?

What do you think?

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