The $10K Challenge – Build A Profitable Authority Website by Tung Tran

A Success Story

Meet Tung Tran, just a normal guy from Viet Nam.


In August 2015 he decided to start a $10K Challenge whose goal was to build a site making $10K a month net from scratch. He decided to build a skin care affiliate website ThankYourSkin which turned out to become a profitable website.


He then made regular updates every month or two and posted them on his website CloudLiving. He explains it step by step, he lists his successes and his failures, lot’s of strategy, lot’s of screenshots, lot’s of real numbers.


His initial investment was $5000.


Since he was promoting skin care products he started using Pinterest instead of Facebook and Twitter social media. The reason is simple: most of the audience on Pinterest is female.


Tung created an ExpertsList campaign. A list of top expert blogs and influencers in his niche whom he wanted to connect to and get them share the links and start the traffic snowball rolling. He also commented on relevant blogs and used guest posting.


He had a massive success with publishing an Infographic on vitamins, which proved to be a good choice since his traffic almost tripled at one moment.


This guy is a success story!



$10k Challenge Update #1

November 2015.

After first three months, Tung started receiving his first sales


$10k Challenge Update #2

December 2015.

Earning $5 – $8/day.


$10k Challenge Update #3

January 2016

Earned $589.35 previous month.


$10k Challenge Update #4

March 2016

Earning $100/day


$10k Challenge Update #5

May 2016

Earned around $2400/month


$10k Challenge Update #6


Earned $2700-$3300/month


$10k Challenge Update #7

October 2016

Earned $2700-$5250/month


$10k Challenge Update #8

February 2017

Earned $5800-$6850/month


A profitable website indeed. All of these steps have visitor’s comments below and most of them are answered by Tung. Sit and enjoy!


What is you success story? Can you describe your steps building a website from scratch?

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